About The Pennsylvania Second Amendment RallyLast Updated: 04/22/2022

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Starting in 2006 Pennsylvania gun owners began gathering every year in Harrisburg to send a simple message to state legislators: Unconstitutional and ineffective emotionally driven gun control legislation has no place in this Commonwealth and we will not stand by idly and allow it to happen.

Every year the rally attracts some of the most famous and well-known speakers from scholars to politicians to some of the biggest names in the pro-rights movement. In addition, every year the numbers of gun owners who join us in the Capitol rotunda swells larger and larger, often spilling out the doors and gaining our rally a reputation as one of the largest in Pennsylvania.

So if you believe that the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental human right we encourage you to join us.

We Need YOU to Stand WITH US at the 2022 2nd Amendment Rally in Harrisburg on September 12th!

WHY? There’s an old saying that goes, “Those who love sausage or the law, should watch neither being made.” Problem is, if we don’t watch while the sausage-makers in Harrisburg pass our gun laws, they’ll grind up the sausage the way THEY like it, not us! Who knows what kinds of trash they’ll throw in?

New laws are continually being proposed that restrict how you hunt, shoot, buy, sell, and store firearms. At the 2A Rally, it’s OUR turn to educate legislators about vital pro-gun legislation that directly affects your right to keep and bear arms. The more interest we show, the greater number of people that show up, the more our elected officials will feel our combined strength and the more IMPACT our efforts will make in the legislative process!

And believe it, anti-gun organizations like CeaseFire PA are already in Harrisburg making their voices heard!

The 2A Rally continues our tradition of pushing for changes to Pennsylvania firearm laws. Our activism has been directly responsible for many improvements and protections: legislation to strengthen state preemption laws, legal actions against communities that violate PA Firearms Preemption law, getting Castle Doctrine enacted, prohibiting the confiscation of firearms in emergency situations, protecting hunters’ right to carry a self-defense firearm when in the field, eliminating the ban on carrying guns while riding snowmobiles—and more!

With YOUR help we can make even more important changes that the people want and deserve!

HOW? Please pre-register and stand with us in Harrisburg, to send a clear message to lawmakers that our hunting and shooting traditions, our 2nd Amendment rights, are not to be trifled with.

First up at the rally are speeches by popular pro-gun activists and legislators inside the rotunda to avoid bad weather. Check out http://pa2arally.org/ for an up-to-date list of speakers. Afterwards, we’ll split into teams and visit every state rep and senator in their office to explain just how precious our gun rights are to us. We’ll ask them for their support on important legislation—eliminating PICS/moving to NICS, strengthening statewide preemption of firearms law, laws governing transportation of firearms, Constitutional carry, parking lot carry, and more.

You don’t need to know anything about politics in order to make a difference. You won’t have to speak. Team leaders will engage the legislators so that you can learn their persuasive techniques. After the team visits, before you leave Harrisburg, we encourage you to visit and focus attention on your particular Senator and House members—remind them to heed the wishes, beliefs, and values of their pro-gun constituents.

But we need to be able to say that we stand for all Pennsylvania firearm owners. That’s why it’s important that you attend so that they’ll see a vast sea of concerned pro-gun voters. We need YOUR help to pack the Capitol Building and the City of Harrisburg and make this an overridingly successful event!

It’s important that you pre-register to let us know you’re coming! Pre-register online at http://pa2arally.org/. Pre-registering allows us to form teams in advance, organized by county of residence. All your info is kept strictly private!

At http://pa2arally.org/ you’ll find other useful information, including maps to the Capitol, a downloadable event flyer, a list of legislation we want signed into law, and other information.

Preferred dress is business casual. Please dress appropriately. Our appearance and presentation is a KEY factor establishing our credibility and persuasive power. Planning to arrive armed?  Print out and fill in this form at the link - link to file - and arrive by at least 9 am to check your firearm.  The firearm check in point will be in the garage entrance to the right of the fountain as you are looking at the back of the Capitol building (Commonwealth Avenue entrance of the Capitol Building).

For more information, visit the Rally website – http://pa2arally.org/